A collection of spaces we've renovated with passion

The Grandstand Studio  

Bringing you the connection of endless entertainment facilities you could ever dream of.

We specialise in events for your company retreats, baby showers, bachelor/hens nights and birthday bashes.

Customize and plan your event with all forms of entertainment, and why not add on some axe-throwing games while you're here?

Needle In A Haystack   

Enjoy a getaway event situated in a tropical environment and blend in with the horses in your celebration. Accompanied by the professional horse trainers - you can experience riding/feeding them mixed in with the entertainment spot, and we've thrown in quite a few things you'll like.

From hitting the puck at an air hockey table to smashing the buttons on an arcade machine, or even an intense table tennis game with your friends.

Making some new changes to the venues!

Business as usual, but stay tuned on updates!



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